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 Finding a reliable wholesale halal chicken distributor involves considering factors like certification, quality, pricing, and logistics. Here are some steps and examples of well-known distributors to help you get started:

### Steps to Find Wholesale Halal Chicken Distributors

1. **Certification Verification**:

   – Ensure the distributor has proper halal certification from a recognized authority.

   – Check for certifications like Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) or Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

2. **Quality and Compliance**:

   – Verify their adherence to food safety standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and ISO standards.

   – Ensure they have a good reputation for maintaining quality and freshness.

3. **Product Range**:

   – Look for distributors that offer a wide range of products including whole chickens, parts, and processed items.

4. **Pricing and Terms**:

   – Compare pricing and terms of supply.

   – Check for minimum order quantities and payment terms.

5. **Logistics**:

   – Ensure they can meet your delivery needs in terms of timing and locations.

   – Check if they provide proper refrigerated transportation to maintain product integrity.

6. **Customer Reviews and References**:

   – Look for customer reviews and ask for references to gauge their reliability and service quality.

### Examples of Wholesale Halal Chicken Distributors

1. **Midamar Corporation**:

   – Midamar is a well-known supplier of halal products in the U.S., including chicken.

   – They offer a variety of halal chicken products certified by IFANCA.

2. **Crescent Foods**:

   – Based in the U.S., Crescent Foods provides a wide range of halal chicken products.

   – They have a robust certification process and offer products like whole chickens, breast fillets, and wings.

3. **Al Safa Halal**:

   – Al Safa provides a variety of halal meat products, including chicken.

   – Their products are certified by multiple halal authorities and they are known for quality assurance.

4. **Zabiha Halal**:

   – Zabiha Halal is a popular brand in North America, known for its halal meat products.

   – They offer a wide range of chicken products and are certified by reputable halal authorities.

5. **Tahira Foods**:

   – Based in Europe, Tahira Foods offers a range of halal meat products, including chicken.

   – They are certified by recognized halal certification bodies and have a wide distribution network.

6. **Sadia Halal**:

   – Sadia is a global brand that offers halal chicken products.

   – They have extensive certification and are known for their quality and reliability.

### Contacting Distributors

When contacting these distributors, have the following information ready:

– Your business details and type of establishment.

– Estimated monthly order volume.

– Specific product requirements (whole chicken, parts, processed items).

– Delivery location and schedule requirements.

### Conclusion

Researching and contacting multiple distributors will help you find the best fit for your business needs. Ensure they meet all halal requirements and maintain high standards of quality and service.

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